About Us

When one’s passion is the dissemination of Knowledge, one seeks newer ways to do it effectively. Considering that our next generation of scholars, are more dependent on electronic media than books, it becomes imperative to spread the knowledge in a way that they would enjoy and imbibe.
Hence was born the idea of 1ne (One). Which picks up interesting stories from our ancient history, puts it together into thrilling board games and merges it with electronic media.
1ne does not only impart knowledge, it also imparts Value Education in a very subtle manner.
1ne Board Game is India’s first QR code based board game. The player use QR code scanner in the smart phone to navigate the minefield of twists and turns to reach the finish line. And it’s not only a game of luck, it also involves strategy and skill.
Each data grid is coded Red and is packed with information which the player has to remember to navigate the course through the game. And the game itself is riddled with grids with Medusa’s Head, Thor’s Hammer, Invisibility Jacket, Pandora’s Box, Worm holes,
Hover boards and Reverse Questions!
So step into the world of 1ne and allow yourself and your near and dear ones to explore our ancient culture, learn history and have